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I'd like to take a moment to give a shoutout (AKA, shameless plug) to Chris Shirley and the Red Bank Thrift Store.












Chris gave an aging audio and computer geek an opportunity to run his own business, and I will forever be appreciative. 

The Red Bank Thrift Store sells all the usual things one finds in a thrift store (and rents U-Haul trucks and trailers), but there's a difference: Chris uses much of the income he derives from his store to help people in need. I have seen him give away entire apartments full of furniture to people who lost their belongings in fires. I have seen him take his workers to volunteer in cleanup operations after the tornadoes that recently hit Chattanooga. And you will not find a bigger-hearted man than Chris. So go thrifting at the Red Bank Thrift Store, 4708 Dayton Boulevard, Red Bank, TN. Say hi to Chris, Sammi Jo, and the other folks who work there, and while you're there, drop in and say hi to me. I'll be the fat guy with his fingers in an amplifier.

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